4x2 universal hydraulic scraper - 2 wheel drive for 40 to 80 hp tractors


  • Hydraulic operating scarifier bar
  • Category 2 hitch
  • Hinged, adjustable tailgate for fine or heavy grading
  • High back and low back models
  • Large capacity box, no gussets or obstructions
  • Maxi-load moldboard front & rear, more load – less drag
  • Adjustable scarifier shanks for chipping or deep scarifying
  • Replaceable, heat-treated scarifier teeth
  • “High Riser” scarifier bar keeps teeth clear of debris and permits clear view of cutting edges
  • Double-beveled, reversible, interchangeable cutting edges


  • Pin kit required to connect scraper to tractor 3-point hitch. See accessories.
  • Please specify color suffix when ordering. Available colors:
    • Black (BLK)
    • Case® Gray (CGR)
    • John Deere® Yellow (JDY)
    • Kubota® Orange (KO2)

SKU: HD242

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