Hydraulic progressive pin-on (with links) excavator thumb

Thumbs are used in conjunction with a bucket as an efficient method to handle bulk material in landscaping and clearing, demolition, recycling, waste management, utility, and general contracting applications. Thumbs offer pick and place movement of large, awkward objects such as boulders, stumps, pipe, logs, concrete slabs, and other debris. Several variations of thumb attachment methods and tines are available to meet specific requirements.



  • Additional engineering / design charges may apply for specialized thumbs used with non CF, Gannon or Wain‑Roy buckets and couplers.
  • Weld‑on thumbs are universal in design and are not custom fit to the host machine.
  • Questionnaire regarding bucket, coupler (if applicable) and stick criteria to be completed for main pin thumbs by dealer prior to order entry.


Available options

Hydraulic progressive pin-on (with links) excavator thumb

Excavator thumb HPT1