1/2 yard TLB pin-on pavement slab removal bucket

Our pavement removal buckets are made from high-quality US steel, with T1-grade steel used in high-wear areas for exceptional strength and durability. Larger models have five teeth (versus competitors’ four), to disperse the weight and provide greater stability when prying up pavement. The bucket profile is a bit wider and deeper than others on the market, with a unique opening design, to make it easier to get in there and under the pavement, then hold material in the bucket. Sizes range from 18 to 60 inches wide, with depths up to 42 inches. Stronger, longer-lasting, more productive – it’s measurably better than cheap imitations. Add a thumb for even greater versatility and productivity.


Height: 26.7″
Depth: 45.2″



Available options

1/2 yard TLB pin-on pavement slab removal bucket

Tractor loader backhoe specialty bucket PSR5