Extra heavy duty pin-on excavator bucket

“X” Series buckets are designed for easy material flow when loading and unloading the bucket. The low profile bridge design allows excellent operator visibility. Internal struts and the back side of the ears attached to the double thickness bridge / moldboard provide superior strength and rigidity. Corner gussets provide strength and rigidity to the upper corners of the bucket with minimal interference to material flow. The front corners of the buckets feature a unique interlocking welded joint between the cutting edge and replaceable side cutter insert. The side cutter insert and cutting edge are notched to provide a larger, stronger, and more rigid attaching joint.


For use in more demanding excavating conditions with high levels of clay, gravel, compacted soils and loose rock.


Teeth not included.


Height: 52.0″
Depth: 55.2″


SKU: CF150X250

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Excavator bucket

Excavator bucket CF150X250