Reporting misconduct

What do I do if I want to raise a concern in relation to misconduct?

Are you an employee?

Employees and others having access to our intranet shall use the internal reporting channel to be accessed via our intranet.

Who can report?

We invite our busniness contacts to report concerns in relation to misconduct to us. Applicants, volunteers, trainees, self-employed persons, persons working under the supervision and control of customers, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers or other undertakings or bodies, shareholders, persons who are members of administrative, management or supervisory bodies or available for such positions may use the channel to report. Persons who have belonged to these categories and acquired the information during their time in such roles may also use the system to report and so do former employees. The same applies to persons whose work-based relationship is yet to begin in cases where information on breaches has been acquired during the recruitment process or other pre-contractual negotiations.

What can be reported?

Information on misconduct in violation of applicable laws (including European Union law), other irregularities in respect of which there is a public interest, violations of our Code of Conductour Business Partner Code of Conduct or Compliance Programs.

Through which channels can I report?

  • For reporting in relation to all our WainRoy entities, reporting may, as before, be made via our Global Speak Up-Line, where all communication and follow up will be handled at Group level and persons appointed by Group Compliance.
  • For reporting in relation to EU based WainRoy entities, reporting may alternatively be made via the local reporting channel and then all communication will be handled through a local person at the EU entity
  • In EU, there is also a possibility to report via channels set up by appointed authorities.

Where can I access the reporting channels?

  • Click on this link and report via the Web:
  • You can also Call the Epiroc Speak Up number that shows up when you click on the link above
    Contact information on appointed authorities in your country is posted by the respective Epiroc local entity on their external website. 

Will my identity be treated confidentially?

Persons who handle Speak Up cases may not make unauthorized disclosures of information that may reveal the identity of the reporting persons or third persons in the report. 

Am I protected against retaliation?

WainRoy has zero tolerance for hindering reporting and retaliation if the reporting person has reasonable grounds to believe that the information on breaches reported is true. 

Privacy notice

Personal Data processed in the follow up of reported information will be processed only if the processing of the personal data is necessary for following up on reports and conducted in accordance with laws and regulations. Personal data will not be kept longer than necessary and no longer than two years.

Where can I find more information?

Local EU authorities appointed to receive whistleblowing reports:

Visit the website of the respective EU Epiroc entity for information on local authorities appointed.